Smart Film

Digital shade perfect for your comfort
and privacy in your office and house.

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  • Easy

    SONTE Film does not require you to replace your windows and it can be cut to any size and retro-fit onto any existing windows or glass-partition, any glass surface in your living room, bathroom, office or any other glass surface you choose

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  • Privacy
    on demand

    SONTE Film application is compatible with iOS and Android systems, so you can control it using your smartphone or tablet both at home and in the office.

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  • Multi-purpose

    You can use it on just about any glass surface - the home, the office or the shop front. Or anywhere else you can think of.

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  • Sun

    SONTE Film is not just for privacy or sunblock, but it also absorbs UV rays and reflects infrared to keep your room temperature lower and in turn saving you energy.

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To become a wholesale agent of SONTE in your country please contact us via email.

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